Sew Little Time

posted May 6, 2015 in Hong Kong by Alexa Pimentel/Centre County Report.


Hong Kong offers its visitors not only a bustling atmosphere, but an opportunity to experience its well-known "bespoke" tailoring industry. In the busy area of Tsim Sha Tsui, you can find countless tailors in minutes. The tailoring stores offer an endless supply of fabrics and a large variety of styles for both men and women. Although tailors are able to provide customers with an array of options, this isn't the number one reason most choose Hong Kong as their tailoring destination.   

The secret lies in their ability to make a suit in about a week and then offer that suit for a competitively low price. One can get a hand-made suit for as low as two-hundred and fifty dollars, which is why the business is surviving. However, in recent years, tailors have had to reshape their business in order to stay afloat as they now face two major issues.