Stroke of Luck: Feng Shui in Hong Kong

Video posted May 6, 2015 in Hong Kong by Megan Swiatkowski/Centre County Report .


The American dream is built on the foundations of hard work and a good idea, but in Hong Kong, they believe there is a third element --  Feng Shui. In the West, this ancient Chinese philosophy is often associated with interior design. But Feng Shui is more than just moving furniture around a room.

Feng Shui involves balancing the five Chinese elements; earth, fire, water, metal, and wood, in harmony with location and life. 

Feng Shui Master, Raymond Lo says that from a global perspective Feng Shui rotates through years one through nine in twenty year cycles. The year 2015 falls under the 20-year cycle associated with the number eight, which started in 2004. Lo says the number eight greatly helped China in the 2008 Summer Olympics, which started on 08/08/08. China brought home the most gold medals during the Beijing Summer Olympics. The number eight cylce will end in 2024, when the number nine cycle starts. 

In this video report, Megan Swiatkowski takes a look into Feng Shui and how it affects Hong Kong.