Meet Walk on Pitcher Colin Macon

Story/Video posted May 2, 2017 in In The Game by In the Game, Kaitlyn Kaminski & Dan Correa.


Colin Macon always loved the game of baseball and decided to walk on his junior year at Penn State. Macon tells us how it all happened.

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Senior / Broadcast Journalism

Daniel Correa majors in broadcast journalism and minors in English in the College of Communications at Penn State University.  He interned for the New York Giants as a sports beat writer over the summer of 2016. He is a former live sports production intern at WPSU-TV during Fall 2015 semester. He is a former sports production intern at State College’s ESPN Radio 1450AM (Spring 2015). He has two concurrent sports beat writing internships with The Centre County Gazette and Instant Sports Access, a national and digital sports writing internship that entails submitting weekly and autonomous sports releases/articles to the main site, He aspires to get into the field of play-by-play broadcasting for Major League Baseball, primarily for the YES Network and FOX 5 Sports. He has digital knowledge of software systems such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Hindenberg, QuickTime Player 7, Microsoft Excel/Word and Adobe Photoshop. He is involved with ComRadio. He has co-hosted a previous sports talk show, The Empire State Boys, breaking down and covering everything New York sports, while incorporating Penn State sports headlines and national sports news. He also co-hosted New York Sports Live, a sports talk show highlighting and covering exclusively New York Sports topics. He is Director of Decisions for PSSN, Penn State Sports Night, which is one of the several shows that air on PSNtv.

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Kaitlyn Kaminski

Sophomore / Broadcast Journalism

Kaitlyn Kaminski is currently a sophomore majoring in broadcast journalism. She also plans on obtaining a sports journalism certificate through the John Curley Center for Sports Journalism. Kaminski is in the process of completing her fourth internship and currently serves as a manager and creative director for the Penn State Men’s Volleyball team. This summer she looks forward to interning with the NHL.