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Wet Leg released their debut single “Chaise Lounge” in June of 2021, which was met with critical success. Since then the band has released a number of singles, performed on numerous talk shows and appeared on many massive festival lineups.

After a crazy year of success and an increase of die-hard fans, Wet Leg has released their self-titled debut album.

This album is quintessential Wet Leg, and it is fantastic. Each song is unique and shows off a different side of the band.

Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers are incredibly talented vocalists and instrumentalists. Their songs give off perfect summer vibes and the instrumentation is always upbeat and filled with a ton of personality.

Wet Leg has created their own genre of indie pop with a ton of humorous one liners, creative melodies and lively instrumentation.

Teasdale, the lead vocalist, may have an unconventional voice, however it works perfectly on each track. She has an incredible range where she can hit an angelic falsetto on tracks such as “Angelica” and “Loving You”, and sing/rap in her lower register on tracks “Too Late Now” and “Oh No.”

Wet Leg’s subtle humor in their tracks adds a bit of flair and uniqueness that makes this album so remarkable. Lyrics such as; “Would you like us to assign someone to butter your muffin?”, “I’ve been practicing my longest and loudest scream,” “you’re so dope, diet coke” and “Angelica, she brought lasagna to the party” make this album such an engaging listen. Each track has quirky and hysterical lyrics that enhance the listening experience.

Although every song has incredible elements, there are a number of standout tracks.

The best non-single track is “Loving You.” This song is incredibly catchy and Teasdale sounds outstanding in her upper register. The melodies on this track are also next level, especially the melody leading up to the chorus. This is a stellar track that features all the elements necessary for a perfect Wet Leg track.

Singles, “Chaise Lounge,” “Wet Dreams” and “Angelica” are also spectacular.

These three were the best singles released prior to the album and all of them are absolutely perfect - hysterical lyrics, incredible instrumentations, and incredible vocalization. These three songs are incredibly memorable and are the essence of Wet Leg’s unconventional genre of music.

Although this is a superb album, the mixing on some tracks are a bit off. It is challenging to decipher what Teasdale is saying on some tracks due to the loud instrumentations. This is not all that problematic since you can still hear her harmonies and melodies.

The biggest issue within the album is the instrumental transition in “I Don’t Wanna Go Out” from the bridge to the final chorus. The track is the least memorable, however it does have an awkward change in tempo and beat that is a definite risk, however it doesn’t quite pay off in the long run.

This is without a doubt the best album of the year. Wet Leg is an incredibly progressive band that proves you can be unique and experiment with weird sounds, and still make incredible music. Teasdale’s vocals are immaculate on the entire project. She may be an unconventional vocalist, however it absolutely works, on each and every track.

This album also achieves the task of being incredibly funny, while still maintaining a level of professionalism. They may not take themselves too seriously, however that makes their music even better.

Finally, the instrumentation on this album is sensational. It is super lively and makes this album perfect for the summertime. The guitars, drums and synths are always spot on and create a groovy and energetic atmosphere.

Wet Leg succeeded in creating a unique musical experience with their debut album. This album is without a doubt worth checking out, based on how original and engaging the listening experience is.

Rating: 9/10

Reviewer’s Favorite Songs: “Chaise Lounge”, “Wet Dreams”, “Angelica”, and “Loving You”

Reviewer’s Least Favorite Songs: “I Don’t Wanna Go Out”


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