My Fav Five: “Jersey Shore” Fights

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“Jersey Shore” has been blessing fans for years, but the most memorable parts of the show are the brawls that the cast gets into with each other. Here’s my five favorite fights from the six seasons of the original “Jersey Shore.”

5. JWoww vs. The Situation (Season 1)

“You need more testosterone, girl.”

This was the first fight that the castmates got into with each other and for pretty good reason.

During the trip to Atlantic City, Mike and Snooki exchanged words at dinner, which led to Mike making a comment about Snooki’s weight (which then cut away to a shot of Jenni picking up a knife).

Later, when Jenni gets sick at the club, she asks Mike to walk her home, but he says no in order to stay with his grenade.

Mike and Vinny brag about their girls when they get home, but Jenni walks up to Mike and starts swinging at him. While Vinny holds her back, she backhands him right in the jaw and is restrained by security.

This is the second time Jenni got into a fight on Snooki’s behalf, and Mike totally deserved it.

4. JWoww vs. Sammi Sweetheart (Season 2)

“Who wrote the note? You two.”

Miami had arguably the most drama, with Snooki and JWoww’s anonymous note to Sammi surrounding most of the controversy.

After Angelina basically rats out the duo to Sam, Jenni and Sam get into a fight about why Jenni didn’t say anything straight-up when Sam asked her about Ron cheating on her.

Sam and Jenni get into a full-out catfight, with fake nails and hair extensions flying everywhere, which then ensues in Ron and Vinny fighting on the girls’ behalf.

This fight set the tone for the rest of the season and the start of season three and is arguably the most iconic brawl from the show.

3. Ron vs. The Situation (Season 4)

“Ron, stop!”

Italy was Mike’s worst season in terms of both starting drama and drugs, and the two mixed for a trip to the hospital for Sitch.

Earlier, Mike revealed to Sammi that Ron had been talking about flying girls out to Italy, and when Sam asks Ron about it, the guys get into a full-out brawl.

Mike starts throwing beds and gets so animated that he runs into the concrete wall and bashes his head into it. He gets up and Ron throws him over the bed, and the two are torn apart by security.

Mike is transported to the hospital, where he’s diagnosed with a concussion and in a neck brace for a good part of the season.

This fight exposed the extent of Mike’s substance abuse but also just how toxic the Ron and Sam relationship was.

2. Deena/Snooki/JWoww vs. Sammi Sweetheart/Ron (Season 3)

“Was she not laughing at me?” “I totally was.”

After the events of Miami, the next season back in Jersey was rocky for Sam. Making enemies with Snooki and Jenni in Miami meant when Snooki brought Deena into the house, Sam was truly alone.

Instead of making friends with Deena, Sam put on her best mean-girl impression and was incredibly rude to Deena, laughing and smirking at her throughout the first episode.

Finally, when Deena has had enough, she talks about Sam in front of the house, to which Ron runs downstairs and yells at Deena.

Deena gets into it with Sam, who mocks her more, and then Sam calls out Snooki for being a bad friend to her in Miami.

It’s round two for Sam and Jenni, who get into another fistfight.

This fight doesn’t have any real meaning to the show, but it’s hilarious.

1. Pauly D/The Situation/JWoww vs. Angelina (Season 2)

“Are you delusional?” “Are you dewooshunal?”

After a wild night out in Miami, Angelina gets emotional while talking to Pauly, and when he doesn’t react the way she wants, she slaps him across the face.

Mike tries to break up the impending fight by taking Pauly outside, but an extremely inebriated Angelina follows them and the two ensue in a screaming match in which Jenni also gets involved.

Pauly has never gotten mad on the show before except for in this fight. He’s known as the chill, laid-back guy who has never gotten into a fight with the roommates, but this was the one instance where his whole demeanor changed.

Angelina also delivers more iconic lines, and her slurred speech makes the moment memorable.

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