Nas - “King’s Disease III” Album Review

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Most rappers that have been in the game as long as Nas has, don’t stay true to themselves, but that’s what makes him so unique. He never forgot where he came from and who he truly is as an artist.

Nas is a 49-year-old rapper from Queens, New York, and the “King’s Disease” series has officially confirmed that age is just a number.

Hit-Boy produced the entire series and the beats bring each album together to tell the story that Nas is pushing to portray.

Bringing an old-school hip-hop sound, Nas finds a way to make the sound fit today’s world. He is the type of artist that could have fans of all ages.

Completing a 17-track album that is not at all repetitive is difficult, but Nas and Hit-Boy have accomplished that.

Opening the album, “Ghetto Reporter” looks to the future with a catchy piano sample throughout.

The soulful piece, “Legit,” talks about how he has made it as a rapper and accomplished his goals, but it takes hard work.

“Thun” provides a mental image of where he came from and illustrates his come up.

The song that keeps getting better as it goes on, “Michael & Quincy” has a catchy beat that fits exceptionally well with the lyrics.

“30” provides listeners with a reminder of how long Nas has really been in the rap game and that he is still relevant.

Going back to the original Nas sound, “Hood2Hood” is another song that is bound to get stuck in the listener’s head, while he explains that we are all the same.

“Recession Proof” talks about how everyone is going to have a downfall but always work hard for yourself.

“Reminisce” reminds listeners to not focus too hard on the past. Nas is happy where he is now and has accomplished his goals. The track also reflects on the highs and lows of growing up.

“I’m On Fire” is Nas’ way of telling us that he is just as good as he’s always been.

“WTF SMH” talks about how even if you think that someone is there for you, people are very quick to turn.

“Once A Man, Twice A Child” talks about growing up as Nas embraces the trials and tribulations he’s been through to become a man. He expresses his thoughts on getting older and embraces his age.

“First Time” describes what it is like to listen to an artist for the first time and all of the different scenarios possible. He knows that with each and every album, he is just getting better so he says that he hopes this is the first time that you have heard him.

Concluding the album with a bonus track, “Til My Last Breath” claims that Nas will be “steppin’ til my last breath,” which could be hinting that he will not stop making music anytime soon.

Nas and Hit-Boy are the perfect artist-producer match. They work extremely well together and make projects that flow.

Usually, artists have a hard time pulling off a three-part album, but Nas delivered an uplifting and motivational series of albums that teach life lessons and come together flawlessly.

Rating: 8/10

Reviewer’s Favorite Songs: “Hood2Hood,” “30,” “Reminisce”
Reviewer’s Least Favorite Song: “First Time”

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