“Never Enough”—Daniel Caesar Album Review

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The Canadian R&B artist, singer, and songwriter, Daniel Caesar, released his album: “NEVER ENOUGH,” which compiled 15 songs full of his usual chill vibes, but also it seemed like he tried new things.

With more than 22 million monthly listeners on Spotify, his most popular song off the album, “Let Me Go,” is already ranked as his fifth most popular song of all time.

Caesar’s album, “NEVER ENOUGH,” kept his old fans happy with his consistent production of chill hits while appealing to new listeners as he added different musical components to elevate his sounds.

The album is perfect for stargazing, relaxing and a small coffee cafe to play for customers. At the beginning of the album, Caesar’s songs are more chill and focused on the instrumental aspects, whether that be guitar, piano or techno beats.

As the album progresses through the 15 songs, the focus changes to more intense and dominant lyrics.

On this album, “Do You Like Me?” and “Let Me Go” and the most popular and most listened to, which are the two songs that are the perfect ratio of his usual sound and his pushing his musical limits.

Throughout the album, Caesar showcased his talent for making white space within a song; he will have no or minimal lyrics at times and many vocal runs to match the instrumental music in the background. He mastered how to properly compliment a voice with beats, instruments, and lyrics.

Caesar used autotune, spoken lyrics, echoed lyrics, and well-done, but dramatic musical transitions in the album. For many of the songs, listening to it is almost like listening to multiple songs in one.

For example, the first song of the album: “Ocho Rios” transitioned from different vibes throughout the two minutes and a half; the song was chill and relaxing, then intense with yelling lyrics, then softened between the two extremes all while repeating the chorus, “you’re my saving grace”.

Although the album is labeled “NEVER ENOUGH”, in many of Caesar’s songs he hypes up the listeners like in “Superpowers” he sings: “You got power” and “You’re the main character now.”  Another example is “Unstoppable” with “I’m unstoppable… we’re unstoppable.”

There are many hints that Daniel Caesar is dealing with heartbreak.

There are love songs and lyrics that feel nostalgic and almost as if he is reminiscing on the past. In “Valentina” he sings of a girl just out of reach. The chorus repeats with, “From the first time I looked in your eyes I knew that I would find a way to make you mine.”

This album is perfect for almost every person. Someone who is broken-hearted, someone who is trying to relax, someone who is sad, and someone who is in need of a confidence boost.

“NEVER ENOUGH” is useful for so many circumstances and should be an album that will play nonstop for many people during the spring of 2023. Although, the chill vibes may be taken as sadness by some, which will be a turn-off as the season heads into summer.

Daniel Caesar found his voice early on in his career and has kept many things the same, but now he is making moves in the music industry by broadening his sound. Caesar should be expected to expand his listeners and grow in popularity.

Rating: 8/10
Reviewer’s Favorite Songs: “Toronto 2014”, “Always”, “Do You Like Me?”
Reviewer’s Least Favorite Songs: “Buyer’s Remorse”, “Unstoppable”

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