Manziel impresses in Pro Day

Story posted March 31, 2014 in NFL Draft by Jessica Reilly.

Not only was this possibly the biggest pro day for Texas A&M, but this might have been the biggest pro day in college football that we have ever seen. Johnny Manziel’s pro day has been the talk amongst NFL Draft followers for months now, and the day received more hype beforehand than any other pro day this year.

There were eight NFL head coaches and six NFL general managers at Manziel’s workout out of the 75 representatives from all teams. Every team was represented except for the Browns and the Bears, and even former president George H.W. Bush and wife Barbara were in attendance.

And to say that Manziel had an impressive day would be an understatement.

He came completely prepared with well-scripted throws, as well as a simulated defensive rush by his personal coach, George Whitfield, who chased him with a broom during plays.

Manziel hit his first 36 pass attempts and completed 61-of-64 throws, while two of the incomplete passes were blamed on the receivers by most spectators.

He not only decided to run routes unfamiliar to the Aggie offense and more appealing to the NFL, but he also chose to wear shoulder pads and a helmet during the drills which is highly uncommon on pro days.

When asked by’s Gil Brandt why he was wearing them, he responded, “Isn’t the game played with them on?”

Manziel was said to have had good movement in the pocket and the NFL’s Charean Williams tweeted during the workout that he only had one bad pass. It was low throw to WR Travis Labhart. Some of his other weaknesses that coaches seem to be worried about are his arm strength and size as he measures just below six feet tall. He’s also known to have a celebrity-type atmosphere around him, and since his autograph scandal last season, egotistical concerns have come up.

Overall, however, Johnny Football says that he wants to prove to coaches that he’s serious about the game.

He told the NFL Network, “I just want them to know that my focus is football. This is my life; this is what I love to do. I have never been more dedicated or more committed in my entire life.”

Manziel is a hopeful for the top of the first round of the draft, especially because Houston coach Bill O’Brien has said multiple times that they want a quarterback and O’Brien was in attendance on Manziel’s pro day. O’Brien even dubbed the day “Johnny Day.”

Manziel certainly did a good job impressing the scouts on his pro day and will definitely continue to have a good impression on them if he continues to meet with NFL teams. The Vikings and the Texans specifically have eyes on him, so we will see what happens on May 8. 

Jess Reilly is a junior majoring in journalism. To reach her, email