Kali Uchis - “Red Moon in Venus” Album Review

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Kali Uchis released her new album, “Red Moon in Venus,” on March 3.

Some other Kali Uchis albums are “To Feel Alive” (2020), “Isolation” (2018) and “Por Vida” (2015). Her music can be categorized under indie pop, soul music and contemporary R&B genres.

This new album arrived just in time for spring, as these tracks contain chill instrumentals and delicate vocals to listen through to the summer.

Released about two months in advance, “I Wish you Roses” is a perfect representation of the essence “Red Moon in Venus” creates. This track starts the consistent flow for the rest of the album.

With similar instrumentals and beats utilized throughout, it seems almost like these songs are one continuous song at times.

“Love Between…” and “All Mine” are great examples of songs that flow together with the same consistency established through most of the album. These tracks also showcase Uchis’ silky vocals.

Since she has such an amazing voice, it is no surprise Uchis highlighted this talent throughout the album more so than other aspects of the song making.

Uchis also sprinkles Spanish lyrics throughout “Red Moon in Venus,” something her fans will appreciate, as this is not a new component to her discography. “Hasta Cuando” highlights Uchis’ ability to transition smoothly, which adds depth to the songs.

Kali Uchis often transitions between the two languages, as she is a Colombian-American singer. Doing so creates a unique quality to her music.

While the Spanish/English combination is a nice element, it does not break the repetition of instrumentals and vocals seen on the album.

The best part of the album is also its slight downfall. While song flow is important in an album’s structure, getting stuck in the same routine can occur. Uchis incorporates other aspects in the song production to switch it up.

“Endlessly” has an 80s vibe, changing up the pace of the album. Instead of the same, chill instrumentals the others contain, there is more of an upbeat mood in this track providing some variety.

Another track, “Worth the Wait,” has a typical Kali Uchis vibe, but paired with Omar Apollo’s vocals, it strays from the usual pattern of the album up a bit. Apollo and the other featured artists, including Don Toliver and Summer Walker, introduce much needed different sounds.

Don Toliver’s feature on “Fantasy” also contributes to the change of pace with his vocals, as well. Both artists add notable parts to break out of the same pattern.

“Red Moon in Venus” does not receive the highest rating, because of the repetition and familiarity of the songs. At times, listeners will feel like the tracks have been done before. While Uchis incorporates a few components to vary the tracks, it doesn’t provide enough uniqueness.

Again, the album would not be able to stay consistent without this aspect of the production. “Red Moon in Venus” is, therefore, worth listening the whole way through and a great introduction into Kali Uchis’ music for anyone who appreciates music in the R&B genre.

Rating: 9/10

Reviewer’s Favorite Songs: “Endlessly,” “Love Between…”

Reviewer’s Least Favorite Songs: “Blue,” “Como Te Quiero Yo”

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