“She-Hulk: Attorney at Law” - Episode 7 Review

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“She-Hulk: Attorney at Law '' is one of the latest Marvel series on Disney+. From having guest stars like Mark Ruffalo and Megan Thee Stallion, this show mixes pop-culture as well as other Marvel productions.

Jennifer Walters is played by Tatiana Maslany. She has appeared in many TV shows and movies, but this is one of few lead roles she’s had in her career. Actors playing beside Maslany in this episode are: Tim Roth, Nathan Hurd, Joseph Castillo, Terrence Clowe and Jordan Aaron Ford.

In last week’s episode, Jennifer Walters (A.K.A. She-Hulk) met a guy named Josh at a wedding. The two hit it off and are seen going on multiple dates in the beginning of Episode 7. After the last date, Josh stays over.

The next morning, Jen wakes up to see Josh is gone. She is constantly checking her phone to see if he’s texted her. Three days go by and still nothing. On the third morning, Jen gets a call from Emil Blonksy’s (The Abomination) parole officer saying he got an alert about Blonsky and they need to check it out.

Since Jen has nothing else to do, she agrees, and goes to Blonksy’s mediation ranch. They discover nothing is wrong, but as she’s getting ready to leave, El Aguila and Man-bull (two members of the ranch) engage in a battle, resulting in the smashing of Jen’s car. This leaves Jen stranded at the ranch until she can be towed.

Throughout the day, Blonky notices Jen’s obsession with her phone and invites her to join his spiritual session. She is not particularly fond of the idea and acts poorly during its entirety. However, the rest of the group calls her out and she reveals everything going on with Josh.

The group wants to help Jen get over her situation. They discuss why she feels so strongly about Josh leaving her alone, and they decide it’s because she hasn’t learned to love herself. The group convinces her that there are other people that could love her as Jen, and not just as She-Hulk.

A creative choice that strengthened the episode was its sequencing. In the beginning we know that Josh has left Jen in the morning and she agonizes over that fact throughout the episode. This begs the question, what happened to Josh?

In the final scene we jump back to three days earlier revealing what really happened that night. Doing it this way gives the audience something to think about and helps draw them in to watching the next episode.

The episode does an overall good job of getting the viewers to feel as though they are there feeling Jen’s pain. It’s relatable to get ghosted or to be anxious after going out with someone. Seeing her mood change as each day passes and then how her attitude changes after letting him go is efficiently portrayed by Maslany.

Episode 7 took a mini break from all the chaos of the previous episodes while establishing a new storyline that will likely begin to unfold later on. In a way, it also brought to light how to deal with the pains of being left by someone you cared for. Thus, making it both intriguing and relatable.

Rating: 3/5


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