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With new music emerging every week, the CommRadio Arts department will be taking a look at a handful of singles released each week. Here are our thoughts on seven of the biggest tracks from the week of Nov. 5.

Camila Cabello – “Havana (Remix)” feat. Daddy Yankee

Camila Cabello, former member of Fifth Harmony, returns to the scene as a solo artist with her single “Havana,” but this time she exchanges Young Thug for Daddy Yankee and her new Spanish lyrics. The original single got Camila noticed for the first time alone and it wasn’t just because she had Young Thug on her track. Camila released this new remix at the 2017 MTV Europe Music Awards on Nov. 12. The remix brings a different style to the original track. Although nothing changed but the lyrics, the song is just as good as the original and it definitely scored her impact points with the Latino community. Many artists are stepping out their comfort zones and trying new things, with speaking Spanish being the more popular way at earning some diversity points. - Jacinda Soto

Morrissey – “Jacky’s Only Happy When She’s Up on the Stage”

Former Smiths frontman Morrissey released the third single from his upcoming album Low In High School. The singer, who cancelled a show last week due to cold weather conditions, has clearly heated up in this new politically charged single. The track titled “Jacky’s Only Happy When She’s Up on the Stage” contains lyrics that attack Morrissey’s home country of the United Kingdom. He sings the lyrics, “this country is making me sick,” which tie in with a heavy guitar riff that builds throughout the song. However, do not be fooled by the track’s similarity to a classic Smith’s tune. Morrissey incorporates instruments like a trumpet which enhance and craft his own style in this political tune. – Jenna Minnig

Baths – “Extrasolar”

On his third single from his upcoming third album Romaplasm, glitch producer Baths offers a fairly barebones pop track that explores themes of space exploration. While the tracks does little to build upon the beat it begins with, the track maintains the listener’s attention with its serene mood. It’s the car jam of the twenty-second century, with the car replaced with an interplanetary jet and bumping bass replaced with quiet yet rhythmic drums that provide a strong foundation for the light string work sprinkled lightly throughout the track. While it’s easily the weakest single from the album so far, it shows that Romaplasm will be sure to offer a variety of styles in Bath’s signature glitchy goodness. – Chandler Copenheaver

Bastille – “World Gone Mad”

With just a bit over a year’s time since Bastille released their sophomore album Wild World, the band has been working relentlessly to produce new music. Their latest single “World Gone Mad” was tailored specifically to the new Netflix original film Bright. As the slow acoustic guitar pairs with lead singer Dan Smiths exceptional tenor voice, the listener is surrounded by this atmosphere of tranquility as this heartwarming ballad begins to take them on a journey. That is until the extremely ambiguous and hypocritical lyrics breaks the bond between the melody and the message. Desiring to address the state in which our world currently lays, this song attempts to provide as a piece of advice to its listeners by expressing that the “World Gone Mad” and it needs to be changed. But as the vocalist sings, “you don’t want to **** with us,” he goes against the core message and furthers the idea that this song was created to play in the background of a movie and was not for a musical audience. – JonMichael Pereira

Sheppard – “Coming Home”

Sheppard has released a new single entitled “Coming Home” that comes with a nice sense of familiarity to those who have heard them before and a welcome invitation to new listeners. The fun, poppy sound is the highlight as it is a standard for songs by Sheppard to fit that aesthetic and style. It is pulled off flawlessly, keeping the listener hooked and feeling good and energetic. The lyrics are fun and the production is mixed very well. Overall, Sheppard provides a nice and fun track as we approach the end of the year where more will hopefully be released. – Jack Grossman

NE-HI, Jamila Woods – “The Times I’m Not There”

Indie rock band NE-HI adjusted their classic sound and style on their reworked single “The Times I’m Not There.” The song, which first appeared on their 2014 self-titled album NE-HI, transitioned from a dream-pop style to a more serious and soulful sound with the help of R&B artist Jamila Woods. This transformation was accomplished by slowing down the once upbeat tempo into balanced vibe and by incorporating more meaningful vocals. Woods even adds her own lyrics and sings her own harmonies which makes the song a more pleasing and unexpected experience for a listener who is used to the cookie-cutter indie songs which once came from NE-HI. – Jenna Minnig

Elbow – “Golden Slumbers”

Elbow, a relatively popular British band, has recently produced a single covering the infamous “Golden Slumbers” by The Beatles and it doesn’t seem to stand out all too well in comparison to the original. Instead of solely utilizing the piano to introduce the song, Elbow instead employs an acoustic guitar that is a surprising twist and proves to be effective in producing the same dream like atmosphere of the original. Where this single fails is in its bridge between the chorus and the first verse as there’s no change in vocal tone or pace making it far more boring and flat than the exciting fantasy in which the original takes you on. The piece alone is pleasant and has aspects such as musical dynamics that does make it unique, but it is nowhere near the absolute perfection that is the Beatles version. – JonMichael Pereira


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