Singles Round Up: April 10

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Singles Round Up – The Arts and Entertainment Department takes a look at some of the recently released singles from the past week.

“Esta Vida” - Marshmello, Farruko

The renowned electronic music producer Marshmello just collaborated with Puerto Rican singer and rapper Farruo on a song that translates to “This Life” in English.

Farruo sings entirely in Spanish. His voice is soothing throughout the song but gains power as it continues, and he increases his vocal variety.

The instrumentals mirror this, as they start relatively tame but increase the intensity with each change in the song’s progression.

The pre-chorus aids the gradual change of energy, from slow piano to a full-blown electro-dance party.  The buildup in the pre-chorus leaves listeners on the edge of their seats, desperate for the musical climax.

Finally, the beat drops and the striking synths satisfy all the right places. - Rachel Fisher

“Next Exit” - Vacations

Australian alt-pop group Vacations gave their 8.7 million monthly listeners on Spotify something to chew on with their new single “Next Exit” while they’re out on tour.

Drawing on their name, “Next Exit” is a summery track driven by a light, catchy guitar melody.

With a potential air of heartbreak in the lyrics, Vacations seems to mainly touch on a feeling of being lost on the path of life with lines like, “I'll give this one more try, before I take the next exit, off the highway into a different life.”

Though the meaning might be juxtaposed by the soft vocals, the metaphor of making a change in one’s life being a “next exit” is a unique take on the topic, while also sticking to the summer vibe of a windows-down drive.

The song as a whole is too lackluster in terms of auditory individuality to make an impression in the mainstream, however, it could definitely find itself on the back end of an alternative pop summer playlist for 2023. -Megan Kelby

“Princess Diana”- Ice Spice ft. Nicki Minaj

It was only a matter of time before the Princess collaborated with the Queen. An Ice Spice-Nicki Minaj collaboration is truly one that dreams are made of.

Bringing Minaj to feature on Ice Spice’s “Princess Diana” was a brilliant move. Taking an already fun and catchy song and adding one of the greatest rappers of all time to it elevated the song so much.

As expected, Minaj’s verse is the best one on the track. Her energy juxtaposes Ice Spice’s melodic and chill flow in a brilliant way.

While there are plenty of things that Minaj deserves legitimate criticism of, she does deserve praise for always collaborating with the new it-girls of rap.

It’s Ice Spice and Minaj, it’s exactly what would be expected and it’s exactly what the world needed. -Sophia D’Ovidio

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