Singles Round Up: April 3

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Singles Round Up – The Arts and Entertainment Department takes a look at some of the recently released singles from the past week.

“Waffle House” - The Jonas Brothers

Everyone’s favorite Jersey boys The Jonas Brothers take listeners on a nostalgic journey to a local Waffle House with their second single off “The Album.”

“The Album” may be a generic title, but it seems to hold the most personal work of the brothers’ career.

In a short Spotify snippet promoting “The Album,” Nick Jonas said “Waffle House” might be his favorite track on the album, and it’s clear to see why.

Musically, the song is bright and lively, similar to the first single “Wings.” Jon Bellion’s production creates a well-rounded echo-y vibe on the chorus that easily gets stuck in the listener’s head.

Obviously, the Jonas Brothers’ relationship as a band and family has been a bit of a rollercoaster. The lyrics “Couple nights, threw gasoline on the fire / We never knew how to perfect,” show the brothers’ history of arguing that led to their breakup from 2013-19.

But hold on – there was one thing that always brought them back together – “deep conversations at the Waffle House.”

Hearing about the ex-Disney Channel stars bonding over something as simple as time spent in a Waffle House was extremely sweet, and proves how they won’t throw away their relationship for their careers.

The only critique for the brothers would be the song’s slightly short length – “Waffle House” is so fun it could easily go on for five more minutes. - Kaitlyn Murphy

“Church Outfit” - Poppy

With over 1.7 million Spotify listeners, the dance-pop singer turned-metal artist Poppy released her newest single on Tuesday.

The track, ironically titled “Church Outfit” has a dark techno-industrial sound to it and is overwhelmed with a percussion-driven beat. It’s graced with the choral line “this is my church outfit,” which is eventually screamed by Poppy to close out the sub-two-minute song.

Multiple church references of “confession,” “holy water” and “testament” are sprinkled throughout the single, giving it a perfect release time in the week leading up to Easter, despite its heavier connotation.

The lyrics dip into death and this need to fight her way out while her distorted vocals mirror that same desperation and agitation.

The single tries to tell a story, but the hard instrumentals, though catchy, take the reins of the listener’s attention. While not exactly the easiest listen, “Church Outfit” clearly solidifies Poppy’s place in the metal world. - Megan Kelby

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