“Ted Lasso” Season 3, Episode 3 Review

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With the arrival of Zava, AFC Richmond is officially entering their “reputation” era.

After months of facing criticism in the press and ruthless attacks by Nate at West Ham, it seems things are finally looking up for the team. They’re ready to show Nate the snake, Rupert and everyone else that doubted the team that they got smarter and harder in the nick of time.

However, the Richmond squad gets a firsthand look into Zava’s infamous quirks– such as showing up late (and in the wrong location) for his signing, and deeply meditating before games instead of joining in the team huddle.

Most of the team is fine with his antics since he’ll win them matches, but the former owner of the Richmond spotlight, Jamie Tartt, is unimpressed and annoyed with Zava.

Ted, Beard and Roy all decide to just let Zava work his magic on the field, emphasizing that he should take all free, penalty and corner kicks. This mentality goes against the team environment Ted has worked so hard to create at Richmond, but Zava did his job.

He started moving Richmond to the top of the standings.

A slightly concerning side-storyline of this episode comes when Rebecca decides to reluctantly visit a psychic her mother recommended for her.

The visit starts out harmless, but then the psychic mentions the importance of a green matchbook in Rebecca’s life– and that she will one day be a mother.

Woah, talk about a bombshell.

Rebecca is taken aback and hurt by the comment, as it no doubt raises memories of Rupert refusing to start a family with her and then turning around to have a child with his new wife, Bex.

While Rebecca certainly deserves a happy ending, it’s not the one the show is setting up for her. With…Sam.

21-year-old Richmond player Sam Obisanya and Rebecca had a relationship in season two that was uncomfortable for a multitude of reasons.

First and foremost–Rebecca is over twice his age. Age gaps are okay every so often, but this one is too wide to support.

The other major issue is the fact that Rebecca owns the team Sam plays for, and controls basically every aspect of his career. Viewers have already seen issues with this situation play out in season two, and they would likely only escalate if the pair decided to rekindle their romance.

Rebecca ends up getting a green matchbook from Sam at a party he held in his restaurant, so it seems the writers are setting something up here.

Are they trying to mislead us by having Sam give her the matchbook while seemingly flirting with a waitress at his restaurant– or are they just being painfully obvious?

Also in this episode, viewers find out Ted’s ex-wife Michelle is now in a full-fledged relationship with their ex-couple therapist, Dr. Jacob. Ted can hardly focus on the football match happening in front of him after finding out and almost has one of his panic attacks.

Poor, Ted. This man can’t seem to catch a break.

Rebecca’s friend Sassy reappears in this episode, and with Ted in this state, it was almost obvious that the two would end up getting together at some point.

But is Sassy really what Ted needs?

This season of “Ted Lasso” seems to be messing with every character’s love life, and while that’s how it goes in the real world, it’s hard to watch as a viewer.

Rating: 3.5/5

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