“The Father Who Moves Mountains” Movie Review

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To what lengths can a father go to find his missing son? “The Father Who Moves Mountains” tells the story of Mircea Jianu, a man on an endless search to find his son.

Written and directed by Daniel Sandu, the film is inspired by a true story that took place in 2009. Played by Adrian Titieni, Mircea Jianu does everything in his power to find his son, Cosmin Jianu, who disappeared hiking in the snow. The movie raises questions of privilege and morality, leaving the audience at a crossroads.

The movie’s conflict quickly takes off when Jianu hears the news. Immediately, Jianu heads out to the scene, leaving his pregnant wife behind. At the site of the accident, he encounters his ex-wife, mother of Cosmin, along with the parents of Cosmin’s girlfriend.

As the days pass, Mircea loses trust in the mountain’s rescue team and takes matters into his own hands. He contacts an old friend, intel officer Filip, who arrives with advanced technological resources to find Cosmin. Even though Mircea does everything in his power, the search for Cosmin gets harder every day.

The dramatic film has the viewer hooked from the moment it begins.  Even though it is not heavy in action or plot twists, the movie manages to keep the audience engaged through great storytelling. 

As the viewer sees the struggles Jianu goes through, it is nearly impossible to not develop a connection with him. Despite being a flawed man, the viewer can understand the driving forces behind Jianu’s actions.

What differentiates this movie from other stories where parents go on impossible journeys to find their children, is the position of power that Jianu had. His access to connections and resources leaves the audience questioning if he is acting right or wrong. Moreover, the viewer understands his stubbornness and ambition, but is left confused as to if this is a good or bad thing.

The movie’s excellent cinematography makes the viewer feel as if they were in the freezing mountains of Romania. Visually, the cold color palette of the movie helps set the dramatic mood. Not only did Sandu do an excellent job directing the film, but the story is also very well written and casted.

The only drawback to “The Father Who Moves Mountains” is that sometimes the movie may feel slow. Since the conflict is presented quickly at the beginning, the plot doesn’t have much build up. However, if the purpose of the movie is to make the viewer experience the desperation of losing a son, then the slow moments may be fully intentional. After all, it is what parents of missing children experience. 

It is a good film to watch when looking for a dramatic and suspenseful piece. Because of the nature of the story, it is not a movie that people will go back to and binge watch.  However, for a casual watch it is a good pick.

Overall, “The Father Who Moves Mountains” is a well-produced film. It accurately portrays the feelings, conflicts and desperation that comes with losing a son. 

Rating: 3/5 stars


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