“The Voice” Week 2 Review

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The second weekend of the voice has now been completed! Fans are surprised that Camila Cabello is still stealing all the thunder.

Blake Shelton is typically a winning coach, John Legend is a complete icon and Gwen Stefani may be new this season but has experience as a coach from the past. People are shocked that Cabello has a loaded team.

Many new stars entered this week, leaving people more excited than the last episode.

Almost every review goes back to Cabello stealing the show from the other coaches, especially John Legend. It is a known fact that Shelton gets the country singers; however, now he is in competition with his own wife, Stefani.

Fans are beginning to express their love for the relationship between Stefani and Shelton. The way the both of them speak to one another is becoming adorable and quite funny. Additionally, they’re both interested in the same singers which keeps it interesting.

Something that viewers have been complaining about is the ‘banter’ between the coaches rather than focusing on the singers but others think that is what keeps the show fun and interesting.

After Tuesday night, the teams look more even and fair because before Tuesday, it almost looked like Cabello had all the best performers.

As of now the teams are now:

Legend: Omar Jose Cardona, Morgan Taylor, Peyton Alredge, David Andrew, Valarie Harding, Emma Brooke

Stefani: Jay Allen, Ian Harrison, Alyssa Witrado, Sadie Bass, Cara Brindisi, Julia Aslanli

Cabello: Morgan Myles, Andrew Igbokidi, Orlando Mendez, Chello, Ava Lynn Thuresson, Devix, Reina Ley, Sasha Hurtado

Shelton: Bryce Leatherwood, The Dryes, Kevin Hawkins, Kate Kalvach, Brayden Lape, Madison Hughes

Not only did the show gain a lot of amazing performers, but, the outfits of everyone were very impressive.

During the blind auditions, it is interesting to know that everyone brings their own clothes until they surpass this round. It is cool to see that each contestant matches their outfit with their voice. If they are singing country music they have some sort of flannel or boots on.

Ariana Grande’s incredible outfits are being missed by the fans. At least Stefani is there to hold some weight and keep up with the trends.

Another thing that fans are talking about is the stories before the singers. People just want to find “The Voice.”

After the blind rounds then we will get the battle rounds, then the knockouts, after that the live playoffs and then to conclude the show, the live performances.

The show may start out slow but at least it never ends slow. Everyone is looking forward to an amazing season. Not only will the singers grow but the coaches will too. Cabello may look like she has a stacked team now but only time can tell.

The viewers will be happier when we find that voice through it all. It is only the beginning, until next Monday at 8 p.m. ET.

Rating: 4/5

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