Thomas Rhett - “Where We Started” Album Review

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It is commonly said that all country songs are the same, and are about beer, girls and tractors. While some country songs range from these topics, Thomas Rhett’s newest album “Where We Started” stays close to this branding.

Thomas Rhett has been in the country spotlight for several years now, since releasing his first album in 2012. Since then, his popularity has skyrocketed due to his combining of pop and country styles.

His wife and family are also very popular due to their social media presence and Rhett’s tendency to write about them.

This is Rhett’s seventh album in 10 years, and this album is the farthest he has leaned into the pop genre, while keeping that country feel.

Compared to his other albums, “Where We Started” is very similar. It has similar themes, and a sound that is recognizable to Rhett.

Most of the songs are upbeat, while the few that aren’t are slightly slower adding some variety to the album. The whole album gives summer vibes, but more specifically summer country vibes.

As mentioned earlier Rhett does not stray from the country stereotype. “Anything Cold,” “Half of Me” and “Bring the Bar” are just three of the songs on this album about beer.

Leaning into the stereotype he also has “Paradise” and “Us Someday,” which hold the place of songs about girls. While “Bass Pro Hat” doubles up and is about girls and tractors.

However, the order of the album is spot on. The layout of slower and more upbeat songs is perfect, making the listening experience very enjoyable. At no point is the album boring.

The song “Where We Started” that the album is named after, features pop singer Katy Perry.

Because of Perry’s presence in the pop world, this song was expected to be more upbeat and exciting, however it is very mellow and ends the album well.

Along with that there are two songs featuring fellow country artists. The song “Death Row” features Tyler Hubbard and Russell Dickerson, and “Half of Me” features Riley Green.

These two songs have the most classic country feel on the album. Rhett’s voice pairs well with the other country stars.

Besides these two songs, other country feeling songs are “Angels,” “Church Boots” and “The Hill.” These songs are comparable to other well-known country songs.

The biggest turn off from this album is how similar each song sounds to each other. It is somewhat difficult to distinguish one song from another because they all have a very similar vibe.

However, this album has some pop/country aspects that feel and sound like nothing that has been done by Rhett before.

Overall, this album is very easy to listen to. Along with that, it is very easy to listen and find yourself in a good mood.

On the other hand, it is hard to say how successful this album will be in comparison to the artist’s past albums. Also, the question arises, is Rhett leaning too close to the pop genre for the taste of his fans?

Rating: 7/10

Reviewer’s Favorite Songs The Hill, and Angels

Reviewer’s Least favorite songs: Paradise, and Where We Started


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