Dancer reports: Haley Blum

Story posted February 19, 2012 in THON 2012 by Haley Blum.

Haley Blum is one of two students dancing at THON who are sharing their experiences with ComMedia in a series of video reports. She is dancing for the Penn State Figure Skating Club.

Friday evening

In this dispatch she talks about beginning her THON 2012 experience.

-- video by Haley Blum

Saturday morning

In this dispatch she talks about getting support from her family and her moralers.

-- video by Haley Blum

Saturday night

Haley Blum says her feet hurt but the line dance is a morale boost.

-- video by Haley Blum

Sunday morning

Haley Blum says she's starting to feel the physical affects of being on her feet for two nights.

-- video by Haley Blum

Monday evening

After 18 hours of sleep Haley Blum reflects on her experience dancing in THON.