THON in photos: Saturday Part 1

Photo posted February 18, 2012 in

As THON continues into Saturday our photographers continue to document the moments and events that define the weekend.

About the Contributors

Amanda August's photo

Amanda August

Graduate / Visual Journalism

Amanda August is senior majoring in visual journalism. Her experience includes photojournalism, multimedia reporting and Web design. She also loves to read, cook and scrapbook.

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Krista Myers

2011 Graduate / Visual Journalism

Krista Myers is a senior visual journalism major and kinesiology minor whose goal is to utilize and improve her photography and videography skills.

She is a native of a small town called Dover in south central Pennsylvania. After spending time as a music business major and then print journalism major at the University of Memphis in Memphis, Tennessee, she decided to come back home to study. She has worked as a section editor and writer for the student magazine FLY, and interned with the Transsylvania Mountain Bike Epic and Dover Township Parks and Recreation.

Her career goals include working as a music photographer, as a photographer and writer for a cycling magazine, editing and designing magazine content and creating multimedia content for online venues.

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Lindsay Gunderman

Senior / Visual Journalism and Integrative Arts

I am interested in doing still photography and multimedia for a newspaper or magazine. I am an associate creative director at Valley Magazine, where I create advertisements for local businesses to be published in the magazine.

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Bradley Thomas

2012 Graduate / Visual Journalism

My name is Bradley Thomas.  I graduated May 5th, 2012 with a degree in visual journalism.  I plan on joining the Marine Corps.  I will continue photography and video as a hobby or a part-time job if an opportunity arises.

Ricky Morales's photo

Ricky Morales

2012 Graduate / Journalism and Comparative Literature

Ricky Morales enjoys protesting, dancing, photographing, writing, playing music, philosophizing, reading, traveling, meeting people, advising individuals on student loans, speaking Spanish, eating, sleeping, creating, brainstorming, revising, editing, reporting, listening, organizing, envisioning, dreaming, believing, criticizing, connecting, Occupying, interviewing, standing…

He heads Spark, an alliance of progressive student organizations meant to promote activism at Penn State.

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Junior / Visual Communications

I am a Junior at Penn State University and am hoping to work in the sports photojournalism industry when I graduate.

Sarah Norman's photo

Sarah Norman

Senior / Visual Communications

I am a senior studying Photojournalism and English from Doylestown, PA. I would love to find some way to combine these interests, but the right idea hasn’t quite come along yet.

Tyler Sizemore's photo

Tyler Sizemore

Graduate / Art (Photography) B.A. and Visual Journalism

Tyler Sizemore is a senior at Penn State majoring in Art Photography and Visual Journalism. Tyler has gained valuable experience in photojournalism through his job as a senior photographer for The Daily Collegian. His favorite things to photograph are sports and music. He enjoys the journalistic aspect of photography and aims to tell a story in every photo. His experience with The Daily Collegian has put him on the sidelines to photograph Penn State football games; on the airport runway to photograph the President of the United States; on the dance floor to photograph THON, the largest student-run philanthropy event in the world; and numerous other places that have given him invaluable experience in the photojournalism industry. Tyler is also employed by Penn State University Health Services to photograph their facility and patients. He also works for Penn State Sports Properties, photographing advertising and vendors at Penn State football games. During the summer, Tyler keeps busy by freelancing for the Evening Sun, his local newspaper in Hanover, Pa. and photographing weddings. He hopes that the experiences he has gained during his time at Penn State will open the door for a career in photojournalism.

CaitlinOlszewski's photo


Senior / Visual Journalism, English

I have been a curious person for as long as I can remember. Naturally, I found a knack for journalism early on and have recently applied my love for photography to further outlet my interest in humanity and the world around me.