Over-capacity BJC leaves a Moraler’s mom out in the cold

Story posted February 17, 2013 in THON 2013 by Amanda Rodriguez .

The busiest weekend of the year, THON weekend left many spectators unable to view it. At around 7:00 AM Sunday morning Anita Muhammed found herself out in the cold as the BJC closed it's doors for the day.

Anita Muhammed, parent of moraler Shahkila Daniels, traveled to State College to support and assist her daughter all weekend. Instead, she was disappointed to find herself marooned in long lines outside the Bryce Jordan Center. After experiencing an extended wait Saturday she slept in her car in the BJC parking lot overnight, waking up at 4 a.m. to get in line again.

On Sunday, after waiting for hours in the cold, she learned that the BJC was over capacity and she wouldn't be able to attend THON.


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