Three Time’s the Charm

Story/Video posted March 15, 2019 in


Amanda Kelly is an engineering major at Penn State and has been playing the clarinet for the past 10 years. She has had the opportunity to play in the Blue Band during her junior and now senior year. Unfortunately, Amanda didn’t make it in the blue band her first two years here at Penn State but with a bit of hard work and dedication and maybe some frustration along the way, she finally reached her goal in being a clarinet player in Penn State’s marching Blue Band. Music has been Amanda’s outlet and way to decompress from the everyday struggles she comes face to face with regarding her major.

Although Amanda has become quite the advanced clarinet player, the clarinet wasn’t her first choice, it was the trumpet. Amanda is so dedicated to music that she even got a part of it tattooed on her body. Amanda’s life would not be the same without music in it to say the least and it has created a family for her. The long lasting memories have been some of Amanda’s favorite in her lifetime and she wouldn’t change them for the world.