Tory Lanez - “Sorry 4 What” Album Review

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Nearly a year after his last project, Tory Lanez is back, and in a totally different way. His past two albums might have been more on the R&B side, but Lanez returns to his hip-hop and rap roots with “Sorry 4 What.”

With over twenty mixtapes, four EPs and six studio albums, Lanez adds to his extensive discography with this album. With this much experience, there's no doubt that he can produce a rap project that has something for everybody.

“Sorry 4 What” covers many topics, including but not limited to lust, heartbreak, toxic relationships, drugs and alcohol. For lust, classic slower songs are featured like “Sex Songs.” Those songs about toxicity sound angry and come through in Lanez’s emotion filled voice, like in “This Ain’t Working.”

The overall production and mixing of this album is spectacular. Although the project does have some slower spots in the album, the production of other songs makes up for it.

Those who are well versed in Lanez’s music or anyone who has an affinity for rap will like most if not all of this album. Even those who aren’t familiar with rap music can still appreciate the production of many of the songs.

In comparison to his last album, this is completely different, especially in terms of production. “Alone At Prom” was heavily 80s inspired and more of a progressive music type of album. It seemed to be an experimental project for Lanez. However, “Sorry 4 What” brings it back to this decade, but still with interesting backing music.

In the song, “Hurting Me,” Lanez lives up to that title. Through his angry voice, it's clear to see how hurt he really is over this toxic relationship, and has lyrics like, “Shot in my heart and left my feelings with me, bleedin’ in ‘em” to back this emotion up.

In comparison, he plays into his more lusty side in “Casa-Freak-Hoes.” Lanez raps about getting with a girl after drinking Casamigos and how this always happens when girls drink it. “Casamigos, girls they turn into freaky hoes”... Casamigos is a common theme in this album, coming up in multiple songs and even having another track titled “Red Casamigos.”

Overall, this is a solid rap album. It has elements of R&B that can appeal to a broader audience. This is a new staple in Lanez’s discography and an album that is easily replayable. Although it has a few skips, it doesn’t take away from the production, which is top-tier.

It should be clear to everyone that Tory Lanez is a talented artist, especially after this project. Whether he goes back to his experimental music or stays in the hip-hop genre, seeing what his next music will sound like will be exciting.

Rating: 8/10

Reviewers' Favorite Songs: “Sorry 4 What? // LV BELT,” “Understand,” “No More Parties in LA”

Reviewers' Least Favorite Songs: “Not Tricking // Black Keys,” “This Ain’t Working,” “Anymore // F**ck Boy Intentions”


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