“Woke” Review

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Hulu premiered the first season of the edgy comedy “Woke” on Sept. 9 in which audiences watch the journey of a cartoonist becoming woke, hence the name.

The show stars Lamorne Morris as the main character, Keef Knight, who is more well known for his role as Winston from the FOX comedy “New Girl.” Blake Anderson, best known for his role on “Workaholics,” plays alongside Morris as Knight’s friend Gunther.

Viewers are introduced to Knight as a black cartoonist in San Francisco who is on the verge of gaining mainstream success with his comic strip “Toast and Butter.” However, he is misidentified as a mugging suspect by the cops, leading to him being tackled. Knight is left with the strange ability to talk to objects and gains a new point of view on what it means to be black in America.

Knight, with a new perspective on life, sets out to revamp his career by spreading his new message after a “woke” meltdown. He ends up fist fighting a cardboard cutout of Toast in front of an audience of his fans.

Other stars include T. Murph as Knight’s friend and roommate, Clovis along with Sasheer Zamata, best known for her role in “The Weekend,” as a journalist named Ayana.

“Woke” was created by Keith Knight to bring to the viewer’s attention what it means to be black in America. While the show has a heavy subject matter, it is balanced with many comedic elements throughout.

The first season included eight episodes with a solid storyline showing Knight’s journey of becoming a woke member of society with wacky antics along the way — most of them self-inflicted that make for some cringey scenes, but nonetheless fun episodes.

The show brings to life a different perspective on race, leaving audiences who are not regularly exposed to racial injustices to open their eyes and see the more subtle injustices throughout their daily lives.

Knight left viewers shocked but ultimately better prepared to notice injustices, which was his intent.

Audiences will be excited for more big series from Hulu after watching “Woke” because of its incredible all-star cast. The actors did a tremendous job going outside of their comfort zones for many episodes throughout the first season.

Although, while the eight episodes were enjoyable, it didn’t quite feel like enough. Once the season ends, audiences are left wanting to experience the journey longer. However the final episode set the stage for what should be a thrilling second season, where audiences will be binging on their couches. Hopefully the writers can bring more great episodes and edgy comedy with it.

Rating: 4/5


Nicholas Mancuso is a junior majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact, his email is nbm9@psu.edu