Youth for Trump

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Benjamin Hornberger and Cameron Panase are both young Trump volunteers who back him for similar reasons now, but became supporters in very different ways.

Hornberger says he is a registered Democrat who voted for Bernie Sanders in the primary. He is also a United States Marine Corps Veteran who served one tour in Iraq, where he serviced airplanes using parts from other planes, because of a lack of funding.

Panase, however, says he has always been a Republican, and was sold on Donald J. Trump after the Iowa Caucus.

Hornberger’s vote for Trump will be one of protest, he says — a way of robbing Hillary Clinton of the position that he feels she stole from Sanders. Panase’s vote, in comparison, will be one of unbridled excitement and optimism, that he sees as the most direct way to further true change.

Both men say they detest the idea of Clinton in the Oval Office, and said they consider Trump’s greatest strength to be that he is not part of the “corrupt” political machine. Therefore, he cannot be controlled, they say.

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