A Childhood Dream Becomes Reality

Video posted December 8, 2014 in Sports by Rachel Wilson


Taylor Shears is a Penn State junior who discovered a passion for horses when she was three years old. Like many girls her age, Shears desperately wanted a pony. Her neighbors owned a stable and invited her and her parents to visit so Shears could see the animal she loved so much in person. Her parents thought this would get her through the "I love horses" phase, but it instead did the opposite. Shears began to love horses even more and over time as she took riding lessons and learned more about horses, she decided to dedicate much of her life to them.

Shears grew up in State College and is majoring in animal science with a minor in equine science. Many of her extra-curricular activities revolve around horses, including the Penn State Equestrian team and the Collegiate Horseman’s Association at Penn State (CHAPS). She is also part of the Penn State Equine Research team and was chosen by the university to be the assistant manager of the Penn State Equine Showcase and the Penn State Quarter Horse Sale this year. She is a THON volunteer as a part of the rules and regulations commitee.                                                                                                  

Shears owns three horses and leaves campus every day to feed and care for them. She hopes to have a career focused around caring for horses, specifically the rehabilitation of injured sports horses.

Taking care of three horses while balancing her academics and extra-curricular activities is a big time commitment but she says she manages because of her career goals and love for the animals.


A Big Commitment

Shears says it is difficult for a college student to care for horses.