A Lifelong Passion

Video posted April 25, 2012 in Sports, News by Kirk Dyson


Keith Reeher used to watch his uncles play hockey in a local park.  Finally, they gave him a stick and some skates and let him have at it--and he's been in love ever since. 

"The love for hockey came natural," he says.

But his passion for hockey was something that could not be stopped.  After playing hockey throughout his youth, Reeher joined a local YMCA league to keep playing, as his high school did not have an ice hockey team.  Once he went to college, Reeher decided to keep playing.  In the fall of his freshman year, he and a group of his friends stumbled upon the Penn State Floor Hockey League and threw a team together.

Website stillReeher has played in the league all three years he has spent at Penn State, but his involvement has grown.  At first, he was just a player, but soon began to referee and is now the president of the league.  As president, he is the head of any and all disciplinary action that needs to be taken and is in charge of getting the league to run smoothly, from getting all the members to sign participation forms, to collecting dues, to making the schedule. 

While the extra workload can be a little much at times, Reeher does not care because his love for the sport knows no bounds and being able to play is the most important thing to him.

Besides playing hockey, Reeher is a big fan of the NHL, more specifically, the Pittsburgh Penguins.  He describes some of his memories he has while growing up a fan in western Pennsylvania.