Coach Jeff D.

Video posted December 12, 2013 in Sports by Kelsey Rowley


Jeff DiGregorio discovered his interest in figure skating early in life.  He was enrolled in a camp that put on a skating show every Friday night.  After watching the first show, he quickly realized that he did not want to be a spectator, but rather, a skater starring in the show. 

He competed for many years and eventually realized that he wanted to share his knowledge and passion for the sport through coaching.  Although his mother protested in hopes of him becoming a doctor, he began his coaching career at the University of Delaware, his lifelong home rink. 

In the earlier stages of his coaching career, the University of Delaware was arguably the most competitive training center in the nation.  During this era, he had students of all levels who would consistently medal both nationally and internationally. DiGregorio coached two skaters that went on to win an Olympic gold medal – Tara Lipinski and Sarah Hughes.  He worked with both Olympians from the time they were beginners to the year or two they qualified for the Olympics. 

Many of the students that the University of Delaware molded went on to open their own training centers across the United States.  The Delaware rink is no longer as competitive as it once was, but this reflects Jeff’s coaching outlook.  He has set himself up to ease out of the highly competitive atmosphere in which he has always been immersed.  He looks forward to working in an environment that is more relaxed and truly focuses on the sheer enjoyment of the sport. 

He is proud of the skaters he has trained and to see some of his former students success.  One of his former skaters, John Coughlin, is a prospective competitor for the 2014 Olympic games.  DiGregorio eagerly anticipates seeing his “skating family” at various skating events.  He says that skating will always be a huge part of his life.