College Football Playoff Race: Week 11

Story posted November 9, 2021 in CommRadio, Sports by Daniel Maiorana

The college football season is coming to a close so let’s take a look at the AP Poll.

There has been released and lots of movement has shaken up the top four spots.

With Michigan State falling to No. 8 due to their loss to Purdue and Cincinnati remaining unbeaten, here’s what the top four looks like:

No. 1 Georgia
No. 2 Cincinnati
No. 3 Alabama
No. 4 Oklahoma

Oregon sits at No. 5 and Ohio State is at No. 6.

Week 11 proposes some big matchups that are sure to cause some movement in the standings. Oklahoma will take on Baylor in a big Pac-12 showdown, Georgia travels to Tennessee where it will have to contain the Volunteers explosive offense.

If these squads can pass up these road game tests, we could have two set teams in the top four. All the Sooners need to do is win out to prove the committee their worth, as for Georgia, not much more has to be done besides more production from its out-of-this-world defense.

The Big Ten offers us a rivalry game as well as a not so worry-free game for Ohio State. Michigan will face Penn State and if Michigan comes out on top, it will surely mix up the rankings as their current No. 7 could improve. Caleb Stroud and the Ohio State Buckeyes will host the “Spoilmakers” of Purdue looking to spoil another top-four team’s season.

The Big Ten teams could easily be blown out of the playoff race, as it seems the SEC and Pac 12 will swarm in with an Ohio State loss.

Ohio State isn’t a picture-perfect squad like Alabama and Georgia are, as the toughest conference in the league could bring them some trouble in the back-end of the season.

Alabama and Georgia, the two favorites to win the playoff, just need to win out to secure their spot. As many college football fans know, a two-loss Alabama could survive simply because of their name being Alabama.

Georgia should win out looking ahead at their schedule, as their offense will roll over non-conference teams with confidence thanks to a defense that allows a whopping 5.7 points a game.

Cincinnati is the dark horse that everyone wants but deep down doesn’t need. A playoff berth for the Bearcats would please every college football fan just to get a new face in the crowd, but deep down everyone knows they won’t stand a chance against the power five powerhouses.

New rankings coming out this Tuesday, Nov. 9 propose a very controversial question relating to the teams that aren’t guaranteed.

Will Cincinnati drop because of their lack of schedule strength?

Will Ohio State rise thanks to Michigan State’s loss to Purdue?

A list surely to change shortly, how will the top-four shakeup in this week’s College Football Playoff race?

Daniel Maiorana is a first-year majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact him, email