Column: Gesicki Committed to Penn State… For Now

Story posted October 25, 2013 in Sports, CommRadio by Mike Wargon


After a wild four-overtime win against Michigan, Penn State gained multiple recruits including tight end Mike Gesicki. Gesicki is the top rated tight end prospect according to 247Sports. His decision ultimately came to down to Penn State and Ohio State. While Gesicki committed to Penn State, don’t expect Urban Meyer to stop pursuit.

Urban Meyer has a reputation for “stealing” recruits that are already committed to other schools and he would love to take a recruit form a rival school, like Penn State. Last year, in his first season coaching the Buckeyes, Meyer recruited eight players who had already committed to other schools.

Other Big Ten coaches like Mark Dantonio and former Wisconsin coach, Bret Bielema, thought that Meyer was unethical and shouldn’t continue the practice. Meyer continued, much to the displeasure of his peers, and even went as far as to say he wouldn’t stop.

Meyer has branched out his recruiting tactics. Recently he has sent recruits puzzles, with a missing piece, with the catch that they will be the missing piece for Ohio State.

Urban Meyer can offer Gesicki the opportunity of playing on a better team, and with the uncertainty of Penn State’s bowl games, the chance to play in January. However, one thing he cannot offer is a pro-style quarterback with the talent of Christian Hackenberg, and a head coach who incorporates tight ends, like Bill O’Brien.

Gesicki has undoubtedly seen the tape from O’Brien’s first year at Penn State and his time with the Patriots. Tight ends that play in a system coached by O’Brien, seem to thrive.

Another factor helping O’Brien’s recruiting pitch is proximity. Gesicki is from New Jersey, so the commute to Penn State would be much shorter than the one to Ohio State. The shorter drive offers obvious benefits.

Gesicki appears to be very invested in the Nittany Lions. His Twitter bio already reads that he is set to attend Penn State University, followed by “#WEARE.”

Gesicki remains committed to Penn State for now. It is unknown what will happen in the future or if Urban Meyer even plans to continue recruiting Gesicki. However, if he does, we can be sure that he will make a strong pitch and that Bill O’Brien will need to be ready to fight back.

Mike Wargon is a junior majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact him, email