Donovan Clay’s Suprising Determination | Club Tennis | Penn State University

Video posted May 2, 2016 in Sports by Brandt Frye


Donovan Clay has been through a lot. And that's only his athletic career.

In this short feature piece, Clay reflects on a few of his most haunting and memorable sports injuries.

Still, despite opposition from family, friends and doctors, Clay continues to participate in multiple sports at Penn State University. 

Clay is a regular at Penn State Tennis Club's court hours, which are held three times per week at the university's Sarni Tennis Center.

"There's just nothing that was going to stop me. I have way too much passion for sports. Playing them, watching them, thinking about them, whatever. Sports are a big part of my life, and that's never going to change," Clay said.

Doctors warned Clay that continuing to play on his injured ACL could cause lifelong damage, or could require him to need a second surgery.

"Doctors are recommending that I get a second surgery on my ACL, because the ligament has become looser over time because of sports," Clay said.

Still, Clay said nothing will stop him, second surgery or not. His passion and determination is truly unmatched.