Flashes of Glory

Video posted April 23, 2013 in Sports by Stephanie Roberts



Rose Cusumano, a senior majoring in secondary education, knows the feeling of training for a race all too well. It is more than just going through the motions and pushing as hard as you can while you're in the boat, but following and staying in sync with your teammates to achieve a perfect set as you glide across the water, knowing that you've achieved a "flash of glory."

Rose has rowed on the Penn State Crew team since her first year at Penn State, but that's not when she started. She began her rowing career four years earlier during her freshman year of high school in New Jersey. She knows exactly what goes into a race, how important her technique in the boat is to her teammates and how much power she exerts is to the ultimate result of the race. She's rowed races countless times yet each time it is different, her mentality is different, but it will always be worth it. 

~ by Stephanie Roberts

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