In search of Bob

Photo posted February 9, 2012 in Sports, News by Comm 469 Students reported recently that athletes named Bob have all but disappeared from the major professional sports. San Diego Chargers safety Bob Sanders is the last Bob standing they say.

Comm 469 Advanced Photojournalism students set out to see how Bob is doing in the rest of society. We are happy to report that Bob is alive and well.

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About the Contributors

Kelley King's photo

Kelley King

2012 Graduate / Visual Journalism

Kelley is a Penn State graduate with a major in visual journalism and a minor in sociology. She has interned as a multimedia reporter at magazine in Philadelphia, as a lifestyle writer at the Lansdale Reporter, and worked three years on the staff of The Daily Collegian student newspaper, where she was Photo/Multimedia Chief.
In 2012 she traveled to Rio de Janeiro to do field work for Comm 402, International Reporting.

Victoria Magliaro's photo

Victoria Magliaro

Senior / Visual Journalism

My two primary interests are the equine industry and photography. I hope to combine these interests in a career as a photographer for an equine publication like Practical Horseman.  I am a 22-year-old visual journalism major at Penn State University with a psychology minor.

I work three jobs in addition to pet sitting and house cleaning for several families on a regular basis. I work very hard in all of my jobs as well as in my classes. I know exactly where I want to be as an adult, so I am doing my best to get there.

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Laura Padilla

Senior / Visual Communications

My name is Laura Padilla. I am a senior majoring in visual communications with two minors in architecture and french.

Sarah Norman's photo

Sarah Norman

Senior / Visual Communications

I am a senior studying Photojournalism and English from Doylestown, PA. I would love to find some way to combine these interests, but the right idea hasn’t quite come along yet.

Catherine Frisina's photo

Catherine Frisina

Senior / Journalism - Visual communication option

I am a senior majoring in Journalism/Visual Communication and minoring in English.