Jumping The Fence

Video posted December 17, 2013 in Sports by Bruce Fluellen


Dan Di Filippo is a regular attendee at Penn State University. He majors in economics and is also the president of the fencing club.

If Dan isn’t hanging out with his colleagues from his economic classes he is most likely giving members of the fencing club tips and helping them with their fencing skills.

Dan has only been fencing for three years. Prior to fencing Dan rowed for the crew team at his high school for three years.

Dan never was at the proper weight to row on the crew team. His coach placed him on the lightweight division of the team. Dan worked extremely hard to raise his weight and change divisions. Nevertheless his hard work was to no avail when the coach offered him a position on the lightweight division of the team again.

Dan was extremely frustrated by this and ultimately ended up quitting the team. While in high school his friend suggested that he join the fencing team. Dan accepted his offer and they competed together during their senior year in high school. Dan hasn’t stopped fencing since.

In fact Dan says that he would have not gone to Penn State if they didn’t have such a strong fencing team.