Landing the Trick

Video posted April 29, 2014 in Sports by Shawn Vengoechea


Zak Kilgore, senior business major, likes to get away from all the main stressors of life. Everyone has to find that happy place in times of extreme stress. Kilgore found his in skateboarding. While some people find this to be an incredibly difficult extreme sport, Kilgore finds it peaceful and relaxing. Going outside and riding around on his skateboard can be something that takes his mind off anything.

“Some people like listening to music. Me? I like cruising around,” Kilgore said. He will be creative at times, involving other objects such as benches or stumps to hop over.  While he doesn’t always need to do tricks, he says it’s all about practice. Repetition is what he feels can allow anyone to be good at skateboarding.

While Kilgore has studying to do nearly every night just like any other student graduating this May, he is still able to find the place that keeps his mind on cruise control.