Last Name Galt: A Football Family Affair

Video posted December 20, 2016 in Sports by Paris Palmer


Tommy Galt is a somewhat of a legacy in the college football world. From getting his first college experience as a player at The University of Maryland, to being a volunteer asistant at the University of South Carolina for three years to becoming a grad assistant at Penn State University, he is no stranger to hard work.

With his father, Dwight Galt III and Dwight Galt IV his twin brother, being a very prominent strength coaching combo with more than 30 years of experience. Tommy decided against joining the family business of strength training only to become a graduate assistant for the PSU football team.

While Tommy is still a student here at Penn State he still has all the responsibilities of a full time coach. From helping with game plans to organizing the scout team for the offense, Tommy’s dedication to his role is never questioned. Starting from 6am every morning, Tommy still manages to keep an infectious positive attitude, even with his duties as a college student.