Living Enhanced: Fred Lee

Story posted April 16, 2014 in Sports, CommRadio, NFL Draft by Patrick Woo

Fred Lee has overcome some obstacles in his life but they all helped him find his way.  The former Buffalo wide receiver was one of the Mid-American Conference’s best playmakers but may not hear his name called in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Lee said he had a solid Pro Day and if he earns an invite to an NFL camp, he’ll be ready to take on the opportunity but will also be ready to move on if he doesn’t make the cut.

“I think I’ve been given a gift to inspire and enhance other people’s lives,” Lee said, “And that means more to me than scoring a touchdown.”

The AFCA Good Works Team member and Humanitarian Award recipient has already launched his “Living Life Enhanced” campaign.

“When I was growing up, I was a real shy insecure guy,” Lee said. “I didn’t really believe in myself.”

After finding the guidance to believe in himself and change his life, he wants to help those that also might be shy, insecure and not believe in themselves. For Lee, it’s about changing perspectives and seeing life as a success whether he has an NFL career or not.

“I’m your average human being, who’s living life every day in a successful way,” Lee said. “I’m not rich, I’m not a millionaire. I don’t know exactly where this business is going to go and if I’ll ever become a multi-millionaire and speak to millions of people, but I will change lives and I will touch as many lives as I can.”

Lee is working on a book and he and his company have launched where Lee’s six principles are clearly stated.

1. Don’t Quit
2. Work Hard
3. Have Purpose
4. Make the Right Decisions
5. Take the Lead
6. Live Character

“The trophies and the NFL, somebody will break the records. They’ll forget about me,” Lee said. “But nobody else can take the words and the things that I say to people that change their lives. That’s what means more to me. “

To learn more about Lee’s cause and his six principles, listen to the interview posted above.

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