Michigan Hockey Players Suspended

Story posted January 27, 2016 in Sports, CommRadio by Joseph Esquivel-Murphy

The Michigan Wolverines have an important series at Penn State this weekend, but will be a little shorthanded due to the skirmish that occurred after the Michigan-Ohio State game.

Defenseman Cutler Martin and Forward Dexter Dancs were suspended for their roles in the fight against Ohio State. Dancs was suspended two games for instigating the brawl, while Martin was suspended three games for punching an Ohio State player on the ground.

What makes matters worse for Martin was the fact that there was an official breaking up the between him and the Ohio State player. The loss of those players is huge because those two players contribute to the Wolverines attack.

Dancs is not a player that has done a lot of scoring for this Michigan team, but he is a tough, physical player that can wear out an opponent’s defensemen. The lack of physical play by Dancs allows the Penn State defensemen to be in better condition to contain forwards Tyler Motte and Alex Kile.

Martin is a player similar to Dancs in that he will not contribute much scoring, but he is a player that is willing to sacrifice his body for the team as he has amounted 39 blocks in 20 games. Michigan will miss his ability to get his body in front of shots as the Wolverines gave up 11 goals in the two game series against Ohio State.

The Wolverines will have their hands full with Penn State as tough, physical players are always needed for hostile environments like Pegula Ice Arena.

Joseph Esquivel-Murphy is a sophomore majoring in broadcast journalism and Spanish. To contact him, email jje5139@psu.edu