NBA Draft Stock Tracker: Week Two

Story posted November 19, 2013 in CommRadio, Sports by Tim Alvarez

The Champions Classic in Chicago showcased four teams, all with a great shot at winning a National Championship. Not only were these teams constructed well, they are each stocked full of talent for the NBA draft. Of all of the players that shined last week, one stood out in particular, Jabari Parker.

Jabari Parker

Stock: Rising

Jabari Parker showcased his unbelievable offensive talent, even in the loss. Parker played several different positions and confounded Bill Self and the Kansas defense, who had no idea how to cover him. Parker had 27 points on nine for 18 shooting while pouring in four threes, and scoring in a multitude of ways similar to Carmelo Anthony. Parker also hit the glass and finished the game with nine rebounds. Duke does not really have a true center on their roster, so for them to compete for the National Championship, all of their forwards have to hit the glass. Scouts have said that Parker does not possess elite athleticism, but he failed to demonstrate that “lack” of athleticism in this game. Parker had an alley-oop finish, which shook the rim and the crowd, extinguishing any doubt scouts had about his athleticism. Parker will definitely prove to be a great pro, only time will tell how great.

Julius Randle

Stock: Rising

On Tuesday, Julius Randle definitely showed why he is being considered for the number one overall pick. Randle did not even have a very good game and he still finished with 27 points and 13 rebounds against a great Michigan State frontcourt. Michigan State took advantage of the fact that Kentucky has no real court stretcher on the team, by packing the paint and making life difficult for the Kentucky forward. The freshman finished with eight turnovers, something he will have to solve, but the problem should get fixed with more experience. Randle was a monster in the paint and amazed scouts with his toughness and ability to score through double teams. The Kentucky forward is the most NBA ready player and general managers are already salivating at the prospect of having a young, hungry, and athletic forward on their roster.

Andrew Wiggins

Stock: Unchanged

Andrew Wiggins had a good game against Duke, but not great. Wiggins was in foul trouble for most of the first half but exploded in the second half and made some significant plays to contribute to Kansas’ win. Wiggins showed why he is still a raw prospect, but has limitless potential. The Jayhawk forward finished the game with 22 points and eight rebounds, but really could of had more. Wiggins has some quick and effective moves to get into the paint but the most important shot he made all night was his step-back jumper. If the freshman can make that specific shot consistently, he will be even harder to guard in the college and professional level. Wiggins showed his athleticism at the end of the game, with a fast break dunk, but he honestly seems shackled in the college game full of zone defenses. Wiggins will definitely make an impact in the NBA, it’s just a matter if he reaches his potential.

Gary Harris

Stock: Rising

Sophomore Gary Harris surprised some scouts in Michigan State’s game against Kentucky. Harris is one of those do-it-all players, with the size to be a successful two guard in the league. The Spartan guard passes and rebounds well for his size, but must improve his long range jump-shot to become a successful pro player. The NBA has placed an increasing significance on three point shots and there is almost no place in the league for a shooting guard that cannot shoot. However, Harris did show some great potential against a great Kentucky team, and he should improve as the year continues.

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