NBA Weekly Recap: November 1

Story posted November 1, 2021 in Sports, CommRadio by Patrick Lepre

Another week of NBA action has gone by. Here is a weekly recap of the biggest moments and talking points thus far in the season.

New Foul Rules

The biggest headlines so far this season belong to the new foul calls, as many players are having trouble adjusting to the new rules.

The biggest names that are struggling are James Harden and Trae Young, who have modeled their games around the foul baiting in previous years.

This seems to have hit Harden the most though out of the two. In the past seven years, this is the lowest free throws Harden has averaged.

It will be interesting to see how Harden changes his style of play after practically being forced to with the new rules.

The rule has the NBA averaging the fewest free throws per game with 19.5 in league history. From a fan viewpoint, it’s been a resounding success. “Ticky-tacky” calls are now gone and the game seems to be flowing a lot better than the past few seasons.

For the players, it’s going to take some time for the players to get used to the new rules, but it has been successful.

Heat Are Back

The Miami Heat look reloaded after a poor 2020-2021 season.

Tyler Herro especially is having a great start to the season averaging 22 points per game, the second most on the team, coming off a down year.

Jimmy Butler also has his name circulating in MVP talks early in the season with a strong start.

On top of those two playing well, the addition of Kyle Lowry can be vital to Miami’s championship hopes with his experience.

The Heat are definitely a force to be reckoned with in the East this season.

Steph Curry Leading MVP Race

Steph Curry is currently tied for the highest average of points per game in the league with 28.7.

The Warriors are atop the west with a 5-1 record, thanks in large part to Curry himself.

There is still a long season to go, but it seems the best from Steph Curry could still be yet to come.

Ja Morant On Fire

Ja Morant is tied with Curry averaging 28.7 PPG this season. On top of his prolific scoring, Morant is also averaging 7.7 assists a game.

He is making a serious case for the Most Improved Player Award and possibly MVP with the jump Morant has had this season.

If he keeps up this play, Morant could easily establish himself as a top-five point guard in the league.

Slow Suns Start

The reigning Western Conference champions are having a very slow start to the season.

The Suns have lost three very winnable games to the Sacramento Kings, Denver Nuggets and Portland Trailblazers.

Right now it looks like effort and game plan are the main issue, and as time goes on they should soon figure it out.

The Suns come into this season with a target on their back after last season and they are especially going to get everyone’s A-game.

However, Phoenix did start 8-8 last season so it’s not time to hit the panic button just yet.

Hornets Off To Bright Start

The Hornets have emerged in the East as one of the leaders to start the season.

This is mostly thanks to the explosion of production by Miles Bridges, who so far is having a career year.

Bridges is an early front runner for the Most Improved Player Award as of now in the very early days of the season.

The signing of Kelly Oubre for the Hornets has also panned out great to this point.

Oubre is the fourth-highest scorer on the team. Additionally, the energy Oubre gives off is something not every player has, and he fits into the hype of this Hornets team.

Of course, LaMelo Ball is also turning into the star point guard many have hoped he’d turn into.

The Hornets can be a sneaky team in the East this season.


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