NHL Weekly Recap: Novemeber 14

Story posted November 14, 2021 in CommRadio, Sports by Meghan Strange

Division standings continue to fluctuate, but league leaders remain on top after a full week of games.

The Florida Panthers still lead the NHL but were plagued by a week of four straight losses.  Florida was able to squeeze out two points from overtime games, but Carolina capitalized and was able to close the gap from first place to second place in the league standings.

The Carolina Hurricanes are only one point from the top. The Canes suffered their second loss of the season to Philadelphia, however, still have a significant lead in the Metropolitan Division.

The Metropolitan Division has adjusted after various wins and losses this week. The Rangers have been able to move up after handing the Panthers a hefty 4-3 loss. 

The Rangers, who previously were neck and neck with the Flyers, have closed the gap behind the Capitals and are within reach of Carolina. 

Meanwhile, Philadelphia has fallen back from the top and is in the middle of the pack with New Jersey and close behind, Columbus. 

In the Atlantic Division, Florida clings to the lead with Toronto climbing to the top. The Leafs once had competition for the division, but Detroit and Tampa Bay have fallen off.

Toronto’s winning week allowed them to reach the third-place spot overall. Their continuous goal scoring will help them continue winning, not to mention goaltender Jack Campbell who is in the top three for lowest Goals Against Average.

Now, there has been a lot of movement in the Central Division. Once-leading St. Louis has dropped to the middle of the group, two points from the top. 

With the Blues falling, the rise of the Predators, Jets and Wild has ensued. Minnesota leads with a narrow point.  What tightens the race - Nashville and Winnipeg are tied with 19 points.

With busy inter-divisional games this week, the top three spots could easily change in the central.

On the west coast, Edmonton Oilers carry the Pacific Division. The Pacific has some tight rankings with Edmonton leading with 20 points, Anaheim following with 19, and three teams tied with 18, Los Angeles, Vegas, and Calgary. 

The Oilers continue to pull away with their offense leading the league in goals.  Centers Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl account for 9 goals in the past 5 games.

There have been changes in all divisions across the NHL. However, the weak grow weaker as the season continues.

The Islanders bring up the rear in the Metropolitan, however hold a staggering 12 points. They could be considered the best of the worst with their last-place division counterparts.

The Atlantic Division houses Montreal and Ottawa as their last-place teams. Montreal holds one point over Ottawa, but these teams are over ten points out from the top spot. 

The Kraken, who have earned 9 points, wrap up the Pacific Division. The Kraken may be able to eke out a win over another bottom team, Chicago Blackhawks this week.

Lastly, and for sure most devastating, the Arizona Coyotes. The Coyotes have a pathetic three points and a single win.  The Blackhawks are not much better but do have a seven-point lead over Arizona.

There is plenty of season left for these teams to achieve upward mobility, but it appears impossible for some.  As a new week approaches, more change will come to the NHL standings.

Meghan Strange is a first-year majoring in journalism. To contact her, email mgs5649@psu.edu