Penn Skates: The life of a derby girl

Video posted April 23, 2012 in Sports by Matt Andersen


            Samantha (Sammie) Jeffery, 27, is a well-known hairstylist at Look Hair Design in State College, Pennsylvania, but most people would never guess what she does when she puts the hair clippers down.  Jeffery spends the majority of her off time at the Penn Skates Roller Rink, across from University Park Airport.  This is where the normally happy and cheerful Samantha Jeffery, turns into the cut throat and aggressive “Sammie” of the State College Area Derby Girls. 

            Jeffery is currently a Level 2 member of the SCAR Derby Girls team, and once she passes her Level 3 tests, she will be a full member of the squad.  Upon talking to some of the316672 10150295228881680 586141679 8233446 833817419 n lovely ladies of SCAR Derby, it became very clear that "Sammie" was an up-and-coming talent for the team.  She has impressed the ladies already, and as she trains and gets better, they see her becoming one of the biggest facets of the SCAR Derby Girls.

             What mostly attracted her to joining the SCAR Derby Girls was the opportunity to get a workout and have fun at the same time.  Since she has always been an active person, she likes to keep herself in the best shape, that she possibly can.  Jeffery says the workout she gets at practice is often better than anything she could do at the gym, and she gets to hang out with friends and have fun at the same time.  There is no doubt that Jeffery is an incredibly charismatic and driven person, and this shows through her award winning hairstyling career, and her quick rise of ranks through the SCAR Derby Girls training program.

            Since Jeffery is a hairstylist, you can expect that she is a very artistic person.  She loves painting, but her favorite form of artistic expression is when she is with the State College Area Roller Derby team.  You may not think of this as a form of artistic expression, but Sammie wouldn’t hesitate to tell you otherwise.  Whether it’s picking out a crazy, colorful, and glittery outfit for practice or a match, or what color she is going to have her hair done, "Sammie" is always bringing her artistic talents to the rink. 


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