Love for Weights

Video posted December 8, 2015 in Sports by Abhar Shah


Power Lifting

Sara Pelletier, a junior studying kinesiology, is doing something she says not many females do. Besides school and a social life, she also power lifts for a sport and is very passionate about it. Pelletier’s journey as a power lifter started when she was a freshman. A girl named Janet struck up a conversation with her at White Building and later convinced her to go to a meeting. The meeting was for the power lifting team and after Pelletier attended it she was hooked and has been doing the sport ever since.

She has attended many competitions throughout the year. She just competed at The American Open in Boston where she came in third place. To prepare for her competitions, she works out at least four times a week. According to Pelletier, the individual challenge that comes along with power lifting is a big reason why she loves this sport so much.

“I have done a lot of team sports growing up, I like the individual aspect of it,” says Pelletier. “I was accountable for my gains and my performance and it only really affected me.”

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