Ranking Potential Names for the Washington Football Team

Story posted January 14, 2022 in CommRadio, Sports by Nolan Wick

After nearly two years of waiting for the process to be completed, the Washington Football Team announced it will unveil its new name, logo and uniforms on The Today Show on Feb. 2.

There are nine finalists; Commanders, Armada, Admirals, Brigade, Red Hogs, Redhawks, Presidents, Defenders, and Sentinels. The team has said it is choosing from three of those finalists but did not specify the options.

Team president Jason Wright also announced that despite immense fan interest, “Redwolves” will not be the new name.

Wright and the Washington Football Team have given some potential clues as to what the new name will be.

Washington Red Hogs

Coincidentally or not, the new name is being announced on Groundhog Day. In his letter regarding the new name, Wright mentions the name has historical and local relevance.

“We are very excited with our final selection, which aligns with our values, carries forth our rich history, represents the region and most importantly, is inspired and informed by you, our fans,” Wright said.

Those are clues on what the new name could be. “Red Hogs” would make sense because the team’s offensive line during its glory days of the 1980s and 1990s was nicknamed the “Hogs,” a unit that has been beloved ever since.

Naming the team after them on Groundhog Day would make sense not just because of the day’s name, but because Feb. 2 is close to the anniversaries of Washington’s three Super Bowl victories with that offensive line. This name sounds perfect.

Washington Commanders

Pictures of the new logo and name were leaked, with “Commanders” inscribed on a circular logo. Therefore, this may be the new name. It would make some sense for the Washington area given its military theme, as Andrews Air Force base and the Pentagon are there.

“Washington Commanders” sounds nice. It’s a unique name that they can’t get wrong.

Washington Redhawks

There could be problems trademarking this given the Seattle Seahawks and Atlanta Hawks already have a similar name.

However, that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be a great name. Keeping the “Red” at the beginning of the name and adding a bird works. That being said, it would be surprising if “Redhawks” is the new name.

Washington Admirals

Like “Commanders,” “Admirals” would be a unique name that honors the military presence in the DMV.

Washington Presidents

Only a team in Washington could name a team “Presidents.” It would be a great name and hopefully, the franchise seriously considered it.

Washington Sentinels

A Sentinel is a term for a soldier. Like “Commanders” or “Admirals,” “Sentinels” is a good name for a Washington team given the military presence in the area. Naming a football team after soldiers is incredibly fitting.

Washington Armada

“Armada” is creative, but it has nothing to do with the DMV. Don’t expect it to be the new name.

Washington Brigade

“Brigade” would be neat, but anyone can name a team that. It would be surprising if it were the new name.

Washington Defenders

“Defenders” is very basic. There are better names for this franchise.

Nolan Wick is a first-year majoring in print and digital journalism. To contact him, email nhw5046@psu.edu.