Rookie Quarterback Impressions: Week 2

Story posted September 23, 2021 in Sports, CommRadio by Dylan Price

Week 2 is now in the books, and we got the opportunity to see more out of the rookie quarterbacks, including an AFC East rookie duel, another debut, and one quarterback leaping to the front of the pack.

Trevor Lawrence

Lawrence faced one of the toughest secondaries in the NFL this past week, and the Broncos’ secondary came out on top. Lawrence went 14/33 for 118 yards, one touchdown, two interceptions, and a 37.2% completion percentage.

Lawrence struggled to find the open man and was never truly able to establish a rhythm.

Lawrence is still looking for his first career win and the Jaguars’ ineptitude might be holding the former first overall pick back.

Still, the blame does fall on Lawrence's performance as he needs to step up as a 37.2% completion percentage, and struggling to move the ball downfield will only hinder the offense moving forward.

Zach Wilson

The number two pick failed to have better performance than Lawrence this past week.

After being able to step into the pocket and make throws with poise last week, despite constant pressure, that all fell apart this week.

Bill Belichick orchestrated a masterful game plan against Wilson.

It forced Wilson to try to fit the ball in tight spots and ultimately, led him to throw more picks in one game than he did in his entire final year at BYU.

Wilson finished the game with 210 yards four interceptions and a completion percentage of 57.58%.

Wilson played like the spotlight was too bright for him in this game, and now he will be tasked with turning his play around next week against defensive mastermind Vic Fangio and the same Broncos defense that just shut down Lawrence.

Mac Jones

For the second week in a row, Mac Jones looked like the best quarterback of the bunch.

Jones didn’t do anything overly spectacular, throwing for 186 yards and completing 73% of his passes.

However, he failed to throw for a touchdown and he also fumbled for the second week in a row.

While his playstyle is not flashy, he is getting the job done for the patriots, while his fellow rookies are struggling.

This week, the Pats face the Saints who will look to slow Jones down.

Justin Fields

With Bears starting quarterback Andy Dalton going down with an injury this past week, Fields got the opportunity to play against the Bengals.

Fields struggled mightily going 6/13 for 60 yards, one interception, and a fumble.

All eyes will be on Fields as he was named the starter for this week’s matchup against the Cleveland Browns. 

Trey Lance

Lance didn’t see any action this week, and starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo looked good for the second week in a row. For now, Lance remains the backup.

Davis Mills

I don’t know if anyone would’ve foreseen Mills starting in week three of the season but here we are.

After Tyrod Taylor suffered an injury, Mills came in and struggled going 8/18 for 102, one touchdown and one interception.

Just like Fields, Mills will make his first career start this week.

Dylan Price is a first-year student majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact him, email