Rookie Quarterback Impressions: Week 5

Story posted October 13, 2021 in CommRadio, Sports by Andrew DelSignore

Five weeks are now in the books, and it gives the league a good chance to step back for a second and take a look at how the prominent players from the previous draft have looked so far.

Quarterbacks are always highlighted the most because of how important that position is to the game of football.

This past draft, five quarterbacks were taken overall in the first round of the draft, as well as three of those five players taking the top-three picks.

Although some of those quarterbacks were not poised to start for the first game of the season, as the-Week 5 mark rolls around, all of the quarterbacks taken in the first round are not only playing, but starting, for each of their teams.

Even with all five of the quarterbacks starting for their respective teams, some are doing better than others, while some may not see the field in weeks to come.

Trevor Lawrence

The No. 1 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft is still starting for the Jacksonville Jaguars but has not been the Clemson product that he was advertised to be. 

Currently holding a record of 0-5, Trevor Lawrence and the Jaguars sit dead last at the bottom of the AFC South. 

Lawrence came into the season having only four total losses to his name in his entire career, and has now not only tied his high school and college record, but beaten it with five straight losses. 

The former Clemson Tiger sits at No. 2 for the most interceptions thrown this season at a whopping eight in five games played.

Not only is Lawrence struggling to throw the ball to his own teammates, but he is struggling to throw the ball in general, as he sits at third-to-last in completion percentage with a 59.4% completion rate.

Still looking for his first NFL career win, Lawrence and the Jags need to play less sloppily if the team has any chance to succeed.

Zach Wilson

Switching out Sam Darnold for Zach Wilson might not have been the greatest plan of attack for the New York Jets, as last season to the current season have looked identical.

Wilson has led the Jets to an abysmal 1-4 record along with the bottom of the barrel of the AFC East.

Although the Jets had one more win now than they did the same time last year, similar problems are arising and Wilson has not had the answers.

Beating out the man who went just one spot above him in the draft, Wilson leads the entire league in picks thrown with nine on the season.

Wilson was able to take down the Titans and earn his first win as a starter, however that win comes with an asterisk as both starting wide receivers for Tennessee were out.

The BYU product has shown some flashes of star power while leading the Jets so far this season, but it seems like the Jets’ problem stemmed farther than just the quarterback position. 

Mac Jones

One of the two total rookie quarterbacks to have multiple wins this season is actually the quarterback that was taken last of all the first-round quarterbacks, and that is Mac Jones.

Jones and the Patriots have put together a strong outing, earning a record of 2-3 for a rookie quarterback joining a team with little weapons, and who recently lost one of them in running back James White.

Leading the Patriots offense, Jones has impressed the critics as he boasts a top-five completion percentage in the league, sitting at No. 5 with 71.1%, behind big names such as Kyler Murry and Dak Prescott.

Just one field goal away from, not only having a record above 0.500, but also beating Tom Brady and the reigning Super Bowl champions in Tampa Bay, Jones has had multiple games where he has looked like a permanent starting quarterback.

The Alabama product may not be in the best situation in New England, however, he is making the best of it after being handed over the reins at the start of the season.

Trey Lance

Trey Lance has started only one game, the least amount of games out of all the other first-round quarterbacks even though he was the third quarterback selected in the draft.

For the first four weeks Lance was used as a Taysom Hill-type player, coming in for gadget plays and only playing a couple of snaps each game.

That changed when Jimmy Garoppolo suffered a calf injury, taking him out of play and forcing Lance to start against the then-, and currently undefeated Cardinals. 

Looking like a former dual-threat 49ers quarterback in Colin Kaepernick, Lance has taken advantage of his athletic ability, as his rushing has looked like the best aspect of his game.

Lance’s underwhelming play passing for less than 200 yards and throwing an interception with no touchdowns will hopefully be improved upon as the team has a bye this week, allowing for Lance to get more comfortable in the 49ers’ system.

Justin Fields

Although the former Bengals quarterback was handed the starting job over Justin Fields to start the season, the former Ohio State quarterback has made it to the starting spot by as early as Week 3.

Fields’ first start was a disaster, as the Bears played a Browns team firing on all cylinders as it was crushed 26-6 with Fields putting up a whopping total of 68 passing yards.

Struggling to complete passes, Fields sits dead last in completion percentage out of all starting quarterbacks in the league with a completion percentage of 51.4%. 

As of recent, Fields has played well, racking up two straight wins against a horrid Lions team, as well as handing the hot Raiders their second straight loss.

With five straight games coming against strong teams like the Buccaneers and the Ravens, Fields has a rough patch of games to play through, however, his most recent play gives Bears’ fans some hope for the future of the franchise.


Andrew DelSignore is a second-year student majoring in journalism. To contact him, email