Steve Manuel: “It’s the greatest job on the planet”

Story/Video posted October 26, 2016 in News, Sports by Shuyao Chen


Steve Manuel teaches public relations at Penn State University. He started shooting sports since 1975 and his works have been published in more than 115 publications, including USA Today,Sports Illustrated and The New York Times.
However, what most people don’t know is that Manuel is color blind. In he world, colors are muted. “Fall leaves, they don’t really mean much to me,” he laughed. “I can tell it’s changing but people say, ‘oh look at that, look at that’, ‘what, what? What’s wrong with them? They deceased?’” In sports photography, he doesn’t worry about colors because he is there to capture those “decisive moments”. The only time that being color blind bothers him is when both team wear similar colors.