Student avoids gym fee by practicing MMA in living room

Video posted April 23, 2012 in Sports by Sierra Dole


Matt Hass, a senior psychology major at Penn State University, seems to live a normal life. Every day he goes to class, works at a video game store, and watches television with his roommates in their living room. But watching television isn’t the only thing that Hass and his roommates do in the living room. On the weekends, they like to practice mixed martial arts there as well. 

According to Hass, his roommate introduced him to mixed martial arts two years ago and the two regularly practiced at a nearby club. Unfortunately the club closed down, leaving them to find a new practice area. Strapped for cash, Hass and his roommate decided that they’d rather bring the gym to them. Screen shot 2012-04-18 at 4.29.19 pm

Hass says it’s a relief to not have to worry about expensive monthly membership fees and that practicing in his apartment is convenient. However, the limited space proves to be problematic. More than once Hass and his roommate have found themselves covered in carpet burns and bruises from running into the living room furniture. Hass is also surprised they haven’t received noise complaints.

Hass says he loves learning new things and pushing himself to perfect his favorite moves. While he believes his skill level isn’t quite high enough to participate in competitions at this time, he hopes to improve and compete in the future.


Roommate tells origin of MMA adventures

Jimmy Twomey began practicing MMA his freshman year of college. After meeting Matt Hass, Twomey introduced Hass to his interesting hobby. Once the club the two attended was shut down (twice), Hass and Twomey decided to practice in their tiny apartment living room instead of paying outrageous gym fees.