The future of Boxing in America

Video posted December 21, 2012 in Best of CommMedia, Sports, In The Game by In The Game


Fernando Calderon and Pete Floyd looked into the recent decline in poluarity of Boxing in America

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Senior / Broadcast Journalism

I was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Growing up with a father that coached a Little League baseball team that went on to win championships in the United States, I was destined to fall in love with sports.

Playing multiple sports as a teen made me discover that my passion in life would involve sports journalism, which lead me to choose this career path as I enrolled within the College of Communications at Penn State.

So far in my career I’ve had the opportunity to intern for a newspaper in Maryland, The Daily Times, where I was a sports reporter for a month and a half. During that time I learned so many invaluable lessons about how to be a professional and how important it is to be self-organized. I’ve also interned with Penn State Athletics Video Production department, which has showed me a new passion in my life, sports production. This past summer I interned with CBS Sports Network in New York City in their On-Air Promos Department. I learned so many invaluable lessons in my time there.

Through my time in Penn State I’ve managed to experience many different forms of media, from producing a weekly radio newscast to producing game notes for collegiate teams. I’ve also been involved with ComRadio, which is the student-run radio station at Penn State.

My aspirations are that I can continue to move my career within the sports media business forward in hopes of landing a job that I will always look forward to and never view as a job but more as an enjoyable hobby.

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Pete Floyd

Senior / Broadcast Journalism

I am Pete Floyd an athletically built hard working 22 year old. Currently a broadcast journalism major and intern at ESPN radio in State College. I like movie, sports, live music, fast cars and monkey boys.