The grass is always greener…in Beaver Stadium

Video posted May 1, 2014 in Sports by Brooke Owen


Most fans of college football only notice the aesthetics of the football field. From the painted yard lines, to the freshly mowed grass to the marked sidelines, these are just a very small part of what all is involved in maintaining the field at Beaver Stadium.

Mark Kresovich, group leader of Beaver Stadium grounds crew has been working inside the stadium for 24 years and while the saying goes “The grass is greener on the other side,” for Mark he knows what to do if the grass does become greener or how to handle the common divots caused by the cleats of the players, or if the grass blades become too slippery for players.

Everything from fertilizing several times a week, to mowing the grass to painting the lines, there is a science to this job and Mark takes great pride in caring for what many say is the best natural turf field in the country.

Countless hours and labor go into preparing the field for the start of the season the annual Blue White scrimmage, which then leads into the regular season. At the conclusion of the season and the last game the crew walks away from the field and that is the last time they see it again till the spring.