The Life of a Student Athlete

Video posted April 30, 2015 in Sports by Josh Restivo


JJ White is a senior at Penn State University with plans to graduate at the end of this upcoming spring semester. During his four years in Happy Valley he was not only a student, but a member of the Penn State Baseball team.

He was what many would call a student athlete. Student athlete is a phrase that many people are familiar with, but don't quite understand. We see the athlete side of these young men and women on TV or ESPN or read about them online. However, the student part is sometimes lost in translation. Especially in major sports like football, basketball, or baseball many will watch them play, but don't realize the work that they put in to make sure they stay on track to graduate, as well as keep their game at its highest level.

The baseball team plays over 50 games a year during the spring semester, with trips to places all over the country. This season they traveled to Texas A&M, Minnesota, Michigan State as well as other schools around the Big 10. Being a student athlete is almost like having a full time job, in two different fields at the same time.